Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dear Editor: Thank You For Your Rejection!

Hello everyone.  A couple months ago, I posted about an obnoxious response I received from an editor after submitting a short story for consideration in an anthology his imprint was publishing.  If you missed it and wish to read its complete lack of professionalism, please do so here.

But for every barb, there is a bouquet. And that came in the form of the absolute best rejection I've received to date. This is a true gem and it was almost better than getting accepted. Here it is:

Dear Aaron,

Unfortunately, your submission, "Little Bone Joey" has not been accepted to be included in the anthology. I really would like to thank you, however, for your consideration to be a part of this project.

I appreciate the amount of time and work that you invested in this story and I am certain that you will be able to find a publisher for this elsewhere.

Technically you have written a nice story and I enjoyed reading it. Please know that I am not rejecting this work due to any flaw of your own ability.

Aaron, I hate to have to pass on this submission. Yours is one of those stories that, if I had more room in the book, would definitely be in. I liked this story a lot and it's been at the top of my consideration list since I received it. I particularly enjoy the uniqueness of your plot - it's thoughtful, intriguing, and told through a powerful voice in your character, Joey. You have a great talent for emotional and descriptive prose.

Unfortunately, I simply received a number of other stories which also held positive attributes of their own. Due to the sheer volume of submissions, I am only able to select a small amount which most closely matches the overall character of the anthology.

I received about 350 submissions for this anthology. The final Table of Contents, though not yet finished, will probably number about 26 - 29 stories.

I learned a new term that was shared with me in a rejection I recently received, and I think it's appropriate for me to share with you. For my anthology, I received an "embarrassment of riches." Meaning, I received SO many fantastic stories from SO many fantastic authors that it is truly embarrassing to have to tell most I cannot accept their writing for this book. This includes friends, peers, and authors such as yourself, whose strength of writing and accomplishments far surpass my own.

Keep writing - You have gained a fan in me, and I look forward to reading more material from you in the future.

Warm regards

Wow. A writer, by default, must have skin thick enough to absorb rejection. They cannot get discouraged. They must persevere if they are to have any measure of success. Reading such a note re-established my faith in the publishing industry. This is the anti-form rejection. It truly made my day. Thank you, dear editor. You rock. That felt like a daub of salve on this thick skin.

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