Tuesday, May 21, 2013

From the Dusklands available NOW!!

Greetings and salutations! In case you missed it (and you appreciate creepy fiction), my first collection, From the Dusklands, is available now in paperback and Kindle editions. Check it out here.

The collection includes nine previously-published stories, two essays, and an original novella.

Table of Contents
God or Something Like It
Live Surf
The Animals
The Word
Bell and Will: True Love Never Dies
An Autographed Poster of Claire Danes
The Glee Sphere
Reflex Arc
Not Delilah

God or Something Like It: What if you were suddenly granted the knowledge of a deity? How would you use it - for good or for evil?

Live Surf: A horrific discovery on a Florida beach proves to be a source of corruption for two teenagers.

Eviction: A deadbeat roommate takes extreme measures when he can't pay his share of the rent.

Worlds: A man contemplates the universe while contemplating an unthinkable act.

The Animals: PETA has nothing on animal rights when the residents of a Midwestern barnyard turn the tables on their owners.

Flan: Revenge is a dish best served sweet.

The Word: A warrior and a priest debate the existence of a sacred word that may hold the power to destroy the world.

Bell and Will: True Love Never Dies: A retired detective seeks the only unrecovered body hidden by a serial killer except the body finds him first.

An Autographed Poster of Claire Danes: A ruthless businessman discovers a little shop of horrors that holds his greatest desire...and his worst fear.

The Glee Sphere: What would you do if you awoke one morning to find the world completely devoid of life, everyone simply gone?

Reflex Arc: A study in chiroptophobia.

Not Delilah: Visions of the apocalypse lead to terror and, incredibly, hope for humanity.