Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

How fortunate that I began Cold Brood on a Thursday. Or Thor's Day, if you have a handle on Norse mythology. Being of Norse origin, I tend to fancy myself a distant relative of the thunder god.  Of course, my lineage is probably not so grand as that. A Viking pillager is more likely. Or perhaps a weapons master, fashioning the finest oaken clubs in the land of ice and snow. Or (likeliest of all) my ancestors were lowly fishmongers. In any case, one thing is certain when it comes to persons of Norse origin whether you're a god, a pillager, a man-at-arms, or a fisherman: we like to drink.

It's in our blood.

From the pithiest mead to the bubbliest champagne, imbibing is part of our culture. Now please don't scramble up your soapbox and pontificate on the dangers of alcoholism. How American of you. Everything in moderation, right?  I no more excessively indulge in drink than I do ritual Satanic mutilation. But there's nothing quite like pouring a cold pilsner at the end of the day. Or two. 

But my thirst does not end at alcoholic beverages. Oh no. I also appreciate the crisp refreshment of a good cola.  Pepsi preferred - it's lighter, sweeter and less acidic than its big brother Coke. I took the Pepsi Challenge and never looked back. I will admit that Coke makes an acceptable substitute in a pinch (or out of desperation for a quick caffeine infusion). 

A variety of juices are also pleasing to the palate. Orange, apple, grape, cranberry. In that order. Nothing quite cuts through the morning mouth-film than a tall tumbler of Minute Maid High Pulp. Like sunshine in a glass, it is. 

And I would be remiss if I left out water. Clear, simple, life-giving water. Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats ice-cold water on a hot day or after strenuous exercise.  Out of a bottle or straight from the tap.  Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow. Delicious. Refreshing. And hopefully well-filtered from the nearest treatment facility.

So, on Thirsty Thursday, I raise my glass to your health.  Salud.

(Note: You may notice no mention of coffee as a beverage of choice in this blog. I do occasionally partake of the hot stuff, but find myself more suited to cold drinks. Must be that whole land of the ice and snow thing.)

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  1. i like to hammer back a few jack-n-cokes myself