Monday, September 5, 2011

Smells Like Team Spirit

Happy Labor Day, folks!  Well, it's that time of year again.  Opening week of NFL football.  My favorite time of year.  Well, one of them anyway.  And part of what makes it so great, aside from watching your team (hopefully) march down the field and into the end zone, is watching the fans.  But not just the fans.  The super-fans.  The men, women, and children who make every Sunday during the season into Halloween.  Check out a few super-fans flaunting their fashions and team spirit, then feel free to vote on your favorite in the comments section. 

New England Patriots' Flag Face w/matching Santa Hat

Atlanta Falcons' Bird Lady

 San Francisco 49ers' Banjoman

 Seattle Seahawks' Green Elvis and Sourpuss

 Minnesota Vikings' Kissy Viking

Oakland Raiders' Creepy One-eyed Skeleton 

 Cincinnati Bengals' Tiger Boy 


 Chicago Bears' Grizzly Guy

 New Orleans Saints' St. Maul

Enjoy your holiday, everyone, and get ready for some football!  Break out the face paint and let's see your spirit, fans


  1. row row row your boat

  2. How come u dont got no KC fans up in here?

  3. Anonymous, KC fans just didn't show the same degree of spirt in the photos I reviewed. Perhaps you could paint up and submit a couple to me? I'd be happy to toss them up! :)

  4. Packers are gonna choke bigtime this season just watch

  5. Hey anonymos still think packers gonna choke bigtime?!?!